WinIt Wednesday: This Macbook Air Laptop Could Be Yours — It Weighs Less Than Three Pounds & We Love It!

WinIt Wednesday: This Macbook Air Laptop Could Be Yours — It Weighs Less Than Three Pounds & We Love It!

We bet you carry a lot of stuff with you at all times: keys, wallet, lipstick, random packs of gum, and maybe a few coupons that have been expired for years. So, when it comes to carrying around pieces of technology, including our cellphones, it’s got to be small enough to fit alongside all of our other junk that’s floating around at the bottom of our bags.


So, if you ever thought that you couldn’t fit a laptop into your bag, think again! We’re giving one lucky winner the chance to take home a Macbook Air Laptop! We can’t get over how light it is (therefore giving it it’s name: Air) — 2.96 pounds! It’ll feel like nothing at all in your bag, you might think you forgot it at home. Beside it being so lightweight, its sleek design and 13 inches in length makes this the perfect laptop computer to tote around with you wherever you go. Here are just a few key features of the Macbook Air Laptop that we think you’ll love just as much as we do:

  • It can last 12 hours before needing to be fully charged
  • The keyboard lights up when you type
  • Runs 3x faster than your old computer or any other one you’ve ever used
  • It comes with a 5400-rpm notebook hard drive, which means you can store tons of photos and videos

MUST WIN: Enter for a Chance to Win a Macbook Air Laptop!

So regardless of what you like to do on computers (shop online, send your family and friends funny emails, or even edit photos you take), this laptop has the power to do it all without weighing you down with unnecessary and time-consuming lag time and a slow processor.

Enter for a chance to win it for yourself or someone you know HERE! And don’t just stop at submitting one entry, enter again and again to increase your chances of winning. Best of luck!

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