This $20 Dupe of Courteney Cox’s Rose Quartz Roller Will Totally Change Your Skin

This $20 Dupe of Courteney Cox’s Rose Quartz Roller Will Totally Change Your Skin

Courteney Cox may be over 50, but you’d never know it by looking at her skin. The former Friends star, who turned 55 years young in June, boasts a smooth, fresh-faced complexion that defies her age. 

Thanks to her unwavering commitment to her beauty regimen, we now know at least one of her secrets behind that youthful glow. The Cougar Town alum was spotted using a pricey Angela Caglia rose quartz roller tool on her forehead while waiting for a table at Cipriani in New York City last week. 

While the vibrating version of Cox’s tool rings in at just under $200, you can get your own copy for a fraction of the cost with the Finishing Touch Flawless Contour facial massage kit (Amazon). 

This little beauty, which rings it at just $19.88, is like a souped-up model of the jade rollers you already know and love. 

Like other trending jade beauty tools on the market, the Flawless Contour roller will increase circulation, and leave your skin looking brighter, more contoured, and even less puffy. Finishing Touch has taken the facial experience up a notch, however, making a few noted improvements to this beauty favorite. 

Flawless contour


For starters, there’s the stone itself. Where many rollers rely on jade, Finishing Touch’s Flawless Contour uses natural rose quartz stones from South Africa. “Rose quartz is known to hold a cooling sensation longer than jade,” Stacy Cox, a licensed esthetician with 20 years of experience in the business, tells our sister site, Woman’s World.

Rose quartz, aka the “love stone,” also has beneficial metaphysical properties. “Rose quartz connects with your fourth chakra point, Anahata,” Stacy explained. “it connects with the concept of self-care and self-love.” 

Then, there’s the technique. The Flawless Contour tool features a built-in controlled vibration that gently massages the skin to stimulate blood flow and collagen production. “Once you flip the switch, it immediately helps circulation in your face,” Stacy says. “It helps to drive those skincare products more thoroughly into your skin.” 

That’s good news for older women, who often suffer from a lack of hydration. “Most women with mature skin tend to be finding dryness,” Stacy explains. “Younger skin has more moisture in [its] cells. When you age, your skin cells shrink. That’s why … wrinkles and fine lines look more pronounced.” 

By pushing moisturizer in deeper, Stacy says the Flawless Contour tool will have you looking more vital, luminous, and plump in no time. “It definitely takes your skin to that next level of hydration.” 

The Flawless Contour kit, which comes complete with a AA-battery, also includes an under-eye press that Stacy, who regularly uses it on her clients, says is great for attacking fine lines and wrinkle and reducing dark circles. “In the first use, you’ll start to see your skin look brighter,” she promises. 

At such a low price point, it’s definitely worth a shot — if it’s good enough for Courteney, it’s good enough for us! Who knows? We might even whip it out the next time we go out to dinner.

Where to buy: $19.88, Amazon

This story originally appeared on our sister site, Woman’s World.

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