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How to Wash Microfiber Towels the Right Way

We’ve learned so many new things about cleaning in recent months. I mean, who knew it was best to wash

The Pain-Free Way to Finally Get Rid of Your Double-Chin — Forever

First came Kybella, the double-chin melting shot, and now there’s another FDA-approved, minimally invasive way to target this trouble spot

How Eating More Carbs Can Actually Help You Lose Your Winter Weight

Back in our grandmothers’ time, diets naturally shifted in the winter months: Meals were shaped around the potatoes, carrots, onions,

Mood Foods: How Nutrition Affects Mental Health

This guest post was written by Jeffrey Zurofsky, the culinary program director at Newport Academy in Bethlehem, Connecticut. What we

Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches? One Newspaper Says No

While none of us are debating whether hot dogs are delicious (they are), the question of whether a hot dog

Bananas With Edible Peels Exist and We Have Mixed Feelings

Can you imagine biting into a banana without peeling it first? We can’t, either, but apparently that’s what some people

Excess Estrogen Could Be Causing Weight Gain — Here’s How to Fix It

Estrogen dominance is a condition that’s causing women over 40 to gain weight and struggle to lose it. Eating more

Eating Crickets Can Reduce Inflammation and Boost Good Gut Bacteria — If You Can Get Past the Ick Factor

It may be hard to imagine eating crickets if you’ve never tried them before. But did you know that more

7 Sneaky Tricks That Take the Misery Out of Dieting

Dieting truly doesn’t have to be miserable — and slimming down shouldn’t limit your dinner options to one dish (aka

These Vegetables Could Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease by Almost Half

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, responsible for 655,000 deaths

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