13 Moments When Princess Diana Showed Off Her Daring Style

She’s one of the most celebrated style icons–and women–of all time. We love Princess Diana’s fashion and always enjoy poring over old, rarely-seen photos that show off her radiant glamour. And while much of the time, Princess Diana’s dresses were elegant, formal looks that were appropriate for the time period and for her role as a royal, there were certain moments when Diana was caught being just a little more confident and carefree–and we love every minute of it.

From chunky chokers and slicked hair to short skirts and plunging necklines, these are our favorite of Diana’s sassiest style choices. As if we couldn’t love her more, these rare photos show off the more fun, lighter side of this beloved royal’s intriguing personality. Dressed daring or demure, you’re always star to us, Diana.

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